Q & A

The Bicycle Librarian is now available for questions.

Simple questions, more challenging questions, research questions, history questions, can you pull together a reading list or “bibliography” for me? kind of questions. Questions.

Any and all sorts of questions welcome, the only criteria is that they be bike related.
Questions that fall in line with the stated collection development goals of this blog would be wonderful as well!!

1.  Collecting Legal Information
2.  Links to Bike Culture both in LA and Elsewhere
3.  Focus on Livable Streets/Complete Streets taking into account the safety of cyclists and pedestrians alike
4. Studies and research showing benefits of cycling in an urban environment and that look at bicycles as a viable mode of transportation

An example of a good question,

Q: Can you find me a stack of articles published on the topic of bicycle libraries?
Do any already exist?

A: Sure, great question. Have you heard of The Arcata Bike Library?

They have this sweet page with just such a stack!!

The questions will be archived in the Q & A Archive.

Bike Library?


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