This week in BIKES (4)

20090307_10-08-09Ubrayj’s LA Bike Summit Photoset on Flickr

LA Bike Summit RECAP.
–Bike Summit Keynotes –LA Streetsblog

–Bike Summit LA Headrush –Brayj against the Machine.

–Reporting back from Bike Summit –Gary Rides Bikes.

–Selling Bike Safety and Infrastructure to a Suspicious Public –BikinginLA.

–LA Bike Summit in Review — LA Loyalist.

–LA Bike Summit: Angelenos like Bikes! — Green LA Girl.

–Bike Summit Roundup — Handmade Ransom Notes.

–Feeding the Dream – Bike Blvds in Los Angeles –Rearview Rider.

The 4SBB Photoshow –A photo-historical look at the people who have ridden on the 4SBB with the symbolic intention of claiming
4th Street as a –“bicycle boulevard” — Los Angeles, CA. 2006-2008.
by Ingrid Peterson.

This week in BIKES (3) –Still has a lot of very excellent links in it.
Especially about bike boulevards — The Bicycle Librarian.

Will we see the new BIKE MASTER PLAN in April? –LA Streetsblog.

If you want to know Bike Laws, don’t ask the California Highway Patrol –LA Streetsblog.

LA County Bike Coalition (LACBC) –LA River Ride, CAR-FREE Fridays, City of Lights.

City of Pasadena Bicycle Survey – Let your voice be heard! –C.I.C.L.E.

Cutting Through Party Lines –Gary Rides Bikes.

Hope rides again w/ Lance Armstrong –an awesome photoset by Wildbell.

Lance Armstrong and me and several hundred of his biggest fans go for a ride/party — Will Campbell for LA Metblogs.

Mechanic Mondays –a new series by Anonymous Cyclist.

Contrail tires –Mark your own bikeway.

Portland Bike Study shed lights on bike facilities –by Joe Linton for UEPI.

LaHood and the potential for Livable Communites — by Jonathan Maus.

Take the Tooker –Toronto’s ongoing effort.

“Greenwave” Project – Bicycle Signal Priority –SF Streetsblog.


All suggestions, links and research questions welcome.


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