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This week in BIKES (5)

Up Fargo.

“Feel my Legs – I’m a Racer!” – coming up Fargo Hill.

(Los Angeles – 03.14.2009)

Book Review: Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures
— by Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney for bikecommuters.com

Potential Downtown Transportation Projects — blogdowntown.

Bikeway Improvements — Figueroa Corridor Bike Station & Cycling Enhancements

Cycling News Photographer Catches Drivers in the Act — LA Streetsblog.

LA Bike Summit Panel – Safety in the inner city — LA Streetsblog.

Heading down to the L.A. Bike Summit
— by Elly Blue for bikeportland.org

Seeking a national legal standard to ensure traffic justice
— by Jonathan Maus for bikeportland.org

1,000 Bicyclists Jam Hollywood Streets Overnight — NBC Los Angeles.

CRANK Mob, the Hedonistic Bacchanal, Don’t Hold Anything Back, Screaming, Drinking, Smoking, Screw Everybody Else, Bike Ride around Los Angeles.
— LAist.

LAPD Drops Tickets for Cyclists Riding Without a ‘Bicycle License’ — LAist.

Lance Armstrong is a show-stopper in Hollywood — LA Times.

Lance Armstrong breaks collarbone in bike-race pileup — LA Times.

Volkswagen City of Angels Fun Ride — April 26th, 2009. Los Angeles.

The World’s Best Music Videos Featuring Bicycles — LA Streetsblog.

LaHood to Bike Advocates: U.S. DOT Will Be Your “Full Partner” — LA Streetsblog.

BikeMore! LA — found another bike blog —

Promoting bicycle use for transportation, work, leisure, and sport in Los Angeles with bike education programs that teach people of all ages how to use bicycles safely and legally for everyday mobility needs.

There’s no turning back on the Fargo Street Hill Climb — The EastSiderLA.

Feel My Legs, I’m a Racer. A Ride Of Suffering, Glory, And Vegan Corndogs.
— Gary Rides Bikes

Feel my Legs – I’m a Racer! — No whip.

The Great Symbolic Power of the Intersection — rearviewrider.

Feel my Legs – I’m a racer! (2009) — photoset by Ingrid Peterson.

Orange 20 – In the LA Times! — Orange 20 Bikes.

Twitter – LA Bikes — follow the tweets.

National Bike Summit 2009 — The League of American Bicyclists.

Ryan Snyder Associates — Planning Tomorrow’s Transportation.

Matt Lauer In Bike Accident With Deer, Absent From TODAY — Huffington Post.

DC Smartbike program expected to grow by summer — wtop.com


Spoke Card – IAAL-MAF Ridazz. (Los Angeles – 02.13.09)


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