The Bicycle Library

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Resources related to 4SBB


The 4SBB Photoshow (2006-2008)

Practical Protest (4SBB)

California Vehicle Code (CVC)

LA CityBeat – Best places to not get killed on a bike in L.A.

Alta Planning

The LA BMP (Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan – dead link)

LA Bike Master Plan Update

Bikeway Maps and Resources (not always maintained)

Embracing Free Bicycle Infrastructure – Rethinking quiet streets as Bicycle Boulevards

Toronto’s Urbain Repair Squad (URS)

NFT (Not For Tourists) Guide to Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bicycle Blvds Powerpoint, by Ingrid Peterson

Metro Bikeway Planning (MTA)

LADOT Bicycle Services

Los Angeles Transportation Headlines (MTA)

Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library(MTA)

L.A. MetBlogs – 4SBB!

[sic] — a blog by Will Campbell. (biking section)

KCET – SoCal Connected – You Youtubed and Flickr’d your Commute

LA-ist_Wilshire Subway Watch + 4SBB

City Councilman Tom LaBonge rides 4SBB – Positively 4th Street. Photos by Ingrid Peterson

Tour LaBonge – Photos by Stephen Roullier (2008)


Bicycle Boulevards

Bicycle Blvds, by John Ciccarelli

Berkeley and Portland Bike Blvds (Streetfilms VIDEO)

Bicycle Blvds Campaign, The Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Portland.

Bicycle Boulevards, Wikipedia. (good source for the language)

Bicycle Boulevards, Berkeley

Lesson 18: Shared Roadways

Page St. Bike Blvd. (San Francisco)

Sueno Bike Blvd. (Santa Barbara)

Palo Alto Bike Blvd. Guidelines

Arcata Bicycle Master Plan

Missoula Bike Blvds

City of Davis, CA (Bike Friendliest town in California)


Los Angeles Bicycle culture and resources

The Los Angeles Spoke Card Archive

LACBC (Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition)


L.A. County Bike MAP

Streetsblog LA

Midnight Ridazz

The Cyclist’s Bill of Rights

L.A. Bike Paths

Bikes on the Metro

Bicycle Bell Ensemble

Bike Talk Archives (a Killradio Show)

The Bicycle Librarian

4SBB – 4th Street Bike Boulevard

Councilmember Eric Garcetti – Bike Friendly Initiatives!

L.A. City Council Advances Sharrows Plan (LA Streetsblog)


Bike Shops in LA

Orange 20 Bikes

Echo Park Cycles (new shop! give them some love!)

Hollywood Pro Bicycles

Safety Cycles

Athena Cycles

Flying Pigeon LA

Coco’s Variety Store

LACBC’s Bike Shop Listing


Bike friendly city council members

Eric Garcetti

Tom LaBonge

Ed Reyes

Wendy Greuel

Bill Rosendahl

Bernard Parks

Richard Alarcon


The Week the L.A. Times went all BIKE. (July 07th, 2008)

Gas prices nudge Southern Californian’s onto mass transit. Slowly

L.A. Times responds to July 4th Road Rage incident

West Hollywood lifts ban on bikes on the sidewalk

Bike Commuters

Another Freeway Ride

STOP! YIELD! Stop Harassing Cyclists.


LA BIKE Blogroll

LA Streetsblog

Brayj against the Machine

Los Angeles Rides

Gary Rides Bikes

The Bicycle Librarian



Bike Girl



Mikey Wally

Anonymous Cyclist


No Whip

LA Fixed


Bicycle Fixation Weblog


City of Lights/Ciudad De Luces

Bottleneck Blog (sadly folded into LA Now Blog)

[sic] (Will Campbell’s Blog)

Los Angeles Transportation Headlines

Bike Writers Collective

Fixpert – The Bike Lane of the Internet

Red Riding Hood Productions


Bike Oven

Bike Kitchen


Bikeboom calander

Bike Sage

Semiotics of the Ride

4th Street Bikeway

Metro Bikes (MTA)

LADOT Bicycle Services

ibikeu wiki – L.A. Metro Area

LA Wheelmen

IAAL-MAF (International Association of Armed Librarians)

Bikes on the Freeway??




Wolfpack – The Hustle Ride

Sins and Sprockets

Downtown Art Ride

Spoke(N)Art – A Bicycle Ride

More Bike Lanes? (Will Campbell for the L.A. Times)

Bicycle Film Festival


Bicycling Street Smarts

Bike Station

LA Bike Messenger Association

Bicycle Fixation

Pedersen Bicycles

The Ditty Bops


Bicycles and the LAW

Idaho Stop Law FAQ

Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske – Stop as Yield – Every Cyclist needs Bicycle Law

Bike Laws (League of American Bicyclists)


Bicycle Accident Attorneys – Los Angeles

The Reeves Law Group – California Bike Accident Lawyers
Lederer and Nojima – Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents Attorney
Estey and Bomberger LLP
Ehline Law
Bicycle Accident
Gary Brustin, Cycling Attorney
Freeman and Freeman, LLP
Blackman Legal Group


Bicycle Culture Elsewhere

Adventure Cyclist Library

Contested Streets

StreetFilms – NYC Streets Resistance

Transportation Alternatives (NYC)

Bike Portland

Copenhagen, City of Cyclists


Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle and Frame Links

Harris Cyclery

National Bicycle History Archive of America

National Center for Bicycling and Walking

John Pucher – Bicycle Scholar

Bicycling Magazine

San Francisco 511, Bicycling

Bicycle City

Seattle Bicycle Master Plan

Thunderhead Alliance

Park Tools (great for repair reference)

Swobo Bikes

The Arcata Bike Library

Bike Exchange (Books)

Ride Your Bike Catalog (Books)

Bikes Belong Coalition

City of Palo Alto, Bicycling

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Bicycle Alliance, Washington

League of American Bicyclists

Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation (in Montana. very cool.)

Thrid Wave Cycling (Vancouver, BC)

Cyclewrite (Vancouver, BC)

Commute by Bike

United Bicycle Institute

California Bicycle Coalition

ChicagoLand Bicycle Federation

Bike Texas!

Bicycling Info.



Bicycling and the Law by Bob Mionske.

Anybody’s LibraryBike Book — Create your own bike library.

Cycling and Society by Ed Dave Horton.

Sustainable Transport. Planning for Walking and Cycling in Urban Environments. Ed. Rodney Tolley.

Critical Mass: Bicycling’s Defiant Celebration By Chris Carlsson.

Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance By Lennard Zinn.

Barnett’s Manual – Bicycle Repair and Service By John Barnett.

Crap Cycle Lanes By the Warrington Cycle Campaign.

Bicycling Los Angeles County by Patrick Brady.

Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures by Erich Schweikher (Editor) and Paul Diamond (Editor).

Bicycle: The History by David Herlihy.

Bicycling Magazine’s New Cyclist Handbook : Ride With Confidence and Avoid Common Pitfalls by Ed Pavelka (Editor).

The Noblest Invention : An Illustrated History of the Bicycle by Lance Armstrong.

Duck on a Bike By David Shannon.

Short Bike Rides in and Around Los Angeles: Rides for the Casual Cyclist (this is basically useless, but good for a laugh) by Robert Winning.

Atomic Zombie’s Bicycle Builder’s Bonanza By Brad Graham, Kathy McGowan.

Bikesafe. Bicycle Countermeasure Selection System. Federal Highway Administration. FHWA-SA-05-006.

Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering, 16th Ed. Ed. Wolfgang Homburger (Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley.)

Smart Cycling: Traffic Skills 101 By the League of American Bicyclists.

Bikeability checklist : how bikeable is your community? By the United States Department of Transportation.

Around the world on two wheels : Annie Londonderry’s extraordinary ride. by Peter Zheutlin.


Where possible, the entries above link directly to the Worldcat Catalog.
Many if not most of the titles can also be found at the

MTA Transportation Library (CATALOG)


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