The Record of 4SBB

The history of the 4th Street Bicycle Blvd.
4SBB, Live the Dream



The Bicycle Library


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This week in BIKES (6)



Print by artist Ray Maseman.

Worlds weirdest bikes –Green Daily.

Let’s go Ride a Bike –A bike blog in which “two girls practice city cycling with style.”

Sharrows and Bike Lanes: Long Beach Bicyclists Want More –CurbedLA.

An Entertaining April Fools Joke –Gary Rides Bikes.

Storm the Bastille to voice ire over the Hummer incident — Gary Rides Bikes.

I am Lou Amundsen and this is my blog –A cleverly titled blog from NBA player who bikes to work.

NBA’s LeBron James buys stake in Cannondale –Velo News.

Cyclists Pedal to Police Commission and Inspector General to Demand Equal Rights –LA Streetsblog.

Pedal Power! City Council Backs Bikes in Argument with LAPD –LA Streetsblog.

Long Beach Bicycle Festival 2009 –Bike Long Beach.

Friends for Expo –A Bikeway along the Expo Line would be nice.

It’s just a Ride – Bicycle MPG calculator –a fun toy.

LAPD drops tickets for Cyclists riding without license –LAist.

Bikes and Mass Transit are changing Los Angeles –Travelin’ Local.

C.R.A.N.K. Mob not so F.U.N. for me anymore –Gary Rides Bikes.

This WTF moment, courtesy of Santa Monica and the League of American Bicyclists –BikinginLA.

Day one and the Missoula Master Plan –Imagine no Cars.

Bike ride captures Emerald Necklace –San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

The History of the Pedal –

LA County Sheriffs auction a Flying Pigeon they acquired –Flying Pigeon LA.

Best bike rack I’ve ever seen –Anonymous Cyclist.

Bike to Work Kicks Off –blogdowntown.

City Council Celebrates Bike to Work with Bike-Themed Meeting –LA Streetsblog.

MTA Bike to Work week in LA –Los Angeles MTA (

Bike Night at the Hammer Museum –LA Times.

Biking Has Its (Tax) Benefits. Or Does It? –NY Times.

‘Safe Streets Bill’ Would Help Reduce Speed Limits –LAist.

The Practical Cyclist –a book review by

Cycling Advocates of all ages say – “Share the Road!” –blogdowntown.

Cyclist killed in Echo Park hit and run –The Eastsider LA.

CBS 2 reports on recent Ghost Bike (VIDEO) –Brayj against the Machine.


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This week in BIKES (5)

Up Fargo.

“Feel my Legs – I’m a Racer!” – coming up Fargo Hill.

(Los Angeles – 03.14.2009)

Book Review: Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures
— by Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney for

Potential Downtown Transportation Projects — blogdowntown.

Bikeway Improvements — Figueroa Corridor Bike Station & Cycling Enhancements

Cycling News Photographer Catches Drivers in the Act — LA Streetsblog.

LA Bike Summit Panel – Safety in the inner city — LA Streetsblog.

Heading down to the L.A. Bike Summit
— by Elly Blue for

Seeking a national legal standard to ensure traffic justice
— by Jonathan Maus for

1,000 Bicyclists Jam Hollywood Streets Overnight — NBC Los Angeles.

CRANK Mob, the Hedonistic Bacchanal, Don’t Hold Anything Back, Screaming, Drinking, Smoking, Screw Everybody Else, Bike Ride around Los Angeles.
— LAist.

LAPD Drops Tickets for Cyclists Riding Without a ‘Bicycle License’ — LAist.

Lance Armstrong is a show-stopper in Hollywood — LA Times.

Lance Armstrong breaks collarbone in bike-race pileup — LA Times.

Volkswagen City of Angels Fun Ride — April 26th, 2009. Los Angeles.

The World’s Best Music Videos Featuring Bicycles — LA Streetsblog.

LaHood to Bike Advocates: U.S. DOT Will Be Your “Full Partner” — LA Streetsblog.

BikeMore! LA — found another bike blog —

Promoting bicycle use for transportation, work, leisure, and sport in Los Angeles with bike education programs that teach people of all ages how to use bicycles safely and legally for everyday mobility needs.

There’s no turning back on the Fargo Street Hill Climb — The EastSiderLA.

Feel My Legs, I’m a Racer. A Ride Of Suffering, Glory, And Vegan Corndogs.
— Gary Rides Bikes

Feel my Legs – I’m a Racer! — No whip.

The Great Symbolic Power of the Intersection — rearviewrider.

Feel my Legs – I’m a racer! (2009) — photoset by Ingrid Peterson.

Orange 20 – In the LA Times! — Orange 20 Bikes.

Twitter – LA Bikes — follow the tweets.

National Bike Summit 2009 — The League of American Bicyclists.

Ryan Snyder Associates — Planning Tomorrow’s Transportation.

Matt Lauer In Bike Accident With Deer, Absent From TODAY — Huffington Post.

DC Smartbike program expected to grow by summer —


Spoke Card – IAAL-MAF Ridazz. (Los Angeles – 02.13.09)

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This week in BIKES (4)

20090307_10-08-09Ubrayj’s LA Bike Summit Photoset on Flickr

LA Bike Summit RECAP.
–Bike Summit Keynotes –LA Streetsblog

–Bike Summit LA Headrush –Brayj against the Machine.

–Reporting back from Bike Summit –Gary Rides Bikes.

–Selling Bike Safety and Infrastructure to a Suspicious Public –BikinginLA.

–LA Bike Summit in Review — LA Loyalist.

–LA Bike Summit: Angelenos like Bikes! — Green LA Girl.

–Bike Summit Roundup — Handmade Ransom Notes.

–Feeding the Dream – Bike Blvds in Los Angeles –Rearview Rider.

The 4SBB Photoshow –A photo-historical look at the people who have ridden on the 4SBB with the symbolic intention of claiming
4th Street as a –“bicycle boulevard” — Los Angeles, CA. 2006-2008.
by Ingrid Peterson.

This week in BIKES (3) –Still has a lot of very excellent links in it.
Especially about bike boulevards — The Bicycle Librarian.

Will we see the new BIKE MASTER PLAN in April? –LA Streetsblog.

If you want to know Bike Laws, don’t ask the California Highway Patrol –LA Streetsblog.

LA County Bike Coalition (LACBC) –LA River Ride, CAR-FREE Fridays, City of Lights.

City of Pasadena Bicycle Survey – Let your voice be heard! –C.I.C.L.E.

Cutting Through Party Lines –Gary Rides Bikes.

Hope rides again w/ Lance Armstrong –an awesome photoset by Wildbell.

Lance Armstrong and me and several hundred of his biggest fans go for a ride/party — Will Campbell for LA Metblogs.

Mechanic Mondays –a new series by Anonymous Cyclist.

Contrail tires –Mark your own bikeway.

Portland Bike Study shed lights on bike facilities –by Joe Linton for UEPI.

LaHood and the potential for Livable Communites — by Jonathan Maus.

Take the Tooker –Toronto’s ongoing effort.

“Greenwave” Project – Bicycle Signal Priority –SF Streetsblog.


All suggestions, links and research questions welcome.

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This week in BIKES (3)


LA Bike Summit – March 7th, 2009. 9am -4pm.

Locking your Bike Securely written by Joe Linton for UEPI.

Bike Sharing Program at Good Samaritan Hospital written by Joe Linton for UEPI.

Fear of Federal oversight imperils Expo Bikeway LA Streetsblog.

Streetfilms – Rep. Earl Bluemnauer talks transit stimulus, bikes and Obama

Embracing Free Bicycle Infrastructure – Rethinking quiet streets as Bicycle Boulevards

Bike Boulevards – I want to go there Bike Date Santa Monica.

IBPI – Initiative for Bicycle Pedestrian Innovation
Bike Boulevard Fundamentals. Class upcoming in May at Portland State.

Wiki Wednesdays – The Bike Boulevard LA Streetsblog.

Bicycle Boulevards Campagain BTA – Portland

UCLA Bicycle Academy

Pasadena Bike Plan Update meeting notes from Ensie.

Amateur Earthling’s take on that same meeting
Is Pasadena the most bike friendly part of the LA area?

The Reeves Law Group – Bike Accidents

Clean-up work completed along Orange Line Bikeway

Sharrows to become federal standard Commute by Bike.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute – Cycling Improvements

Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning – A Guide to Best Practices (VTPI, Canada) One of many excellent documents you can download here.

Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners (VIMEO)


Crimanimalz – The Freeway Ride (II) (VIMEO)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Cyclist.



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This week in BIKES (2)

Wildbell’s Tale – Another 4th Street Fracas

How many cyclists have died in this Brentwood Boutique? — asks BikinginLA.

Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske — Sadly the last of this excellent column.

Riding Car Free with LACBC — LA Streetsblog

Pedal to work with a City Council President — LA Now Blog.

 –link to KTLA video segment on LACBC’s first CAR-FREE Fridays
–(note:  they got LACBC’s name wrong and they laughed a little too hard about bike shorts…)

The Bikex Database — The Bikex Database is an online resource to identify, document, and prosecute drivers who harass, abuse, or endanger bicycle riders. Currently the database is for the Los Angeles area.

BikeSafe – Crash Factors — Bicycle/motor vehicle crashes are a serious problem throughout the world. The United States has a particular problem with bicyclist deaths and injuries.

City of LA Planning to use old parking meters for bike parking — LA Streetsblog

The Bike Valet (VIDEO) — Excellent look at Santa Monica’s Bike Valet.

Cars and Bikes can mix, if the Rules of the Road are clear — NY Times.

The Green Bike Program at Pitzer College — Interesting idea.

New Bike Map – Westwood to Mar Vista — from los angeles rides.

Glendale’s Safe and Healthy Streets  — A collaboration of the LACBC and the City of Glendale.

Risk Factors for Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Collisions at Intersections (PDF) A compelling study by Alan Wachtel and Diana Lewiston.

Bicycling Life Library — Worth a look.

Triangle Roadway Bicycling Links — North Carolina, but worth the comparison.

Human Transport – Wide Outside Lanes are superior to Bicycle Lanes — is North Carolina on to something?

Underground Science – Open Letter on the Stimulus Package — Some of the many uses for 900 billion dollars.

Buried in the Bailout, a small gemThe Bicycle Commuter Act

Los Angeles Doctor in Road Rage Bicycle Accident to Stand Trial — Attorney Reeves.

The Dilemmas of Bicycle Planning (PDF) — MIT.

Sidewalk Bicycling Safety Issues (PDF) — TRB – Transportation Research Board.

Unsafe at Any Speed (PDF) — UC Davis.

The role of the Health Care professional in Bicycle Safety (PDF) — Wisconsin Medical Journal.


City of Toronto’s tips for avoiding car-bike collisions


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Q & A

The Bicycle Librarian is now available for questions.

Simple questions, more challenging questions, research questions, history questions, can you pull together a reading list or “bibliography” for me? kind of questions. Questions.

Any and all sorts of questions welcome, the only criteria is that they be bike related.
Questions that fall in line with the stated collection development goals of this blog would be wonderful as well!!

1.  Collecting Legal Information
2.  Links to Bike Culture both in LA and Elsewhere
3.  Focus on Livable Streets/Complete Streets taking into account the safety of cyclists and pedestrians alike
4. Studies and research showing benefits of cycling in an urban environment and that look at bicycles as a viable mode of transportation

An example of a good question,

Q: Can you find me a stack of articles published on the topic of bicycle libraries?
Do any already exist?

A: Sure, great question. Have you heard of The Arcata Bike Library?

They have this sweet page with just such a stack!!

The questions will be archived in the Q & A Archive.

Bike Library?

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